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As a consequence and cause of evolutionary dialectic in the organisation of work, working instruments have gone through various stages, from simple to more complex machines until production facilities more or less automated.
In the first phase of the industrial revolution, the Division of labor led to the emergence of tools that facilitate the work.
With the discovery of steam power and its application to industry, it was convenient to group a set of tools in a car driven by new energy source.

“Over the period of manufacturing division of labour had been brought forward, more was to succeed to inventors realize easy combinations kinematics able to replace natural bodies of man and move towards the automatism.
Mechanization, pushing to the extreme fragmentation process of the work, contains in itself potentially its own negation.
But, to verify non-illusion of this claim is necessary
-better define the meaning and scope of automation (definition)
-to analyze the reasons that accelerate and those who delay the introduction (application)
-see the reflections on the qualification of workers, and then on the issue of the Division of Labor (qualification).



With Word Automation is to indicate a technical development that replaces the human labor in factories and offices. All info in this 3 sites: elektroplattformwagenchariots automoteursmotorized trolley.
Methodologically, the fundamental principle is the integration of individual production processes so far uneven in a continuous process chains, which is executed by means of combined systems of special machines and precision machine tools, technique and be directed and monitored by electronic devices.
And it is precisely through the development of electronic equipment (such as the word processor) and improvement of the mathematical theory of communication processes, and made possible the introduction of the method of self-regulation of processes through the feedback.
This means that, while in manufacturing the automatic adjustment is not made by men, who use their sensory organs to control his car and the quality of products to decide based on what what corrections are needed.
Automatic production adjustment takes place through electronic tools that serve as “sensory organs”, noting corrections to other equipment occurring as a result of the stimulus received. For this Sam Lilley defines as automation the introduction or use of machinery and procedures … that eliminates to a large extent, the human work and the detailed human control.
And the latter is what distinguished from mere automation mechanization.


Automation of production processes is the natural continuation and extension of the industrial revolution.
Friedmann illustrates this concept showing the interconnectedness between fragmentation, mechanization and automation.
Once, the Division of labor has traced the outlines of the plot, and operations where conditions that make it advantageous to owners of means of production this innovation came together, the new techniques allow to add the human engine artificial mechanisms.

And Lilley says:
Once a production operation has been reduced to a form where the employee must act solely as a machine, there are no longer any technical difficulties to go a step further, that involves the exchange of a machine made of flesh and blood, with one made of steel and oil, make IE fully automatic production process.
If the automated system can be grafted on technological principles, however, elementary organically.…